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October 20, 1991

Amazing what a souvenir can do

Opponents can count on Detroit enforcer Bob Probert to stay out of fights this season -- as long as he wears the 1920s replica sweater that the "Original Six" teams are wearing for the league's 75th anniversary.

Asked about the classic jersey that Probert wore on opening night, he said: "I was hoping not to fight. I want to keep that sweater nice so I can frame it when we're done using it. I don't want any blood on it, at least not my own."

Art is, not imitates, life

One of the Eric Lindros hockey cards issued by Score Inc. has the teen-ager sitting shirtless in front of 22 different NHL jerseys along with the Oshawa Generals sweater.

Lindros has a confused look on his face and Score spokesman Jon Kramer said the expression was deliberate.

"When we photographed him, he had no idea where he was going to play," said Kramer. "That is the look we wanted."

She'd have a good record, too

The pre-game literature before a National League playoff game said: "Randy Tomlin is 12-1 when he allows two runs or less in a start." Says Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Press: "Hey, if my Aunt Alice allowed two runs or less in her 13 starts, she'd be 12-1 on most teams, too."

Count him out

Boris Becker said he doesn't want his name used in promoting Berlin's troubled bid to stage the 2000 Olympics.

"No one has talked to me about it, and for the moment I am staying out of it," the tennis star said in an interview with the Berlin newspaper Kurier. "I don't want them to be using my name for their promotion."

Berlin officials have been hoping to get Germany's leading sports personalities to act as "Olympic ambassadors."

In July, they announced that Becker, Steffi Graf and Franz Beckenbauer had agreed to become help the city get the Games. Beckenbauer, the soccer hero, later said that his name was being used without his permission.

Former Olympic swimming champion Michael Gross has been hired to coordinate the activities of future "Olympic ambassadors" for Berlin.

Berlin's bid to stage the Olympics has been marred by scandals among local organizers. Lutz Gruettke stepped down as head of the organizing committee after charges of financial irregularities and a controversial promotional campaign.

The quote

Toronto Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston, on being hospitalized for 10 days last month while being treated for sciatica: "I don't think it did me much good. I walked into the place, but I came out of it in a wheelchair."

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