Keep Sentence Record?

Letters to the editor

October 20, 1991

EDITOR'S NOTE: Delegate Richard C. Matthews, R-Carroll, said he willre-introduce legislation to keep a public record of sentences imposed by each Appeals, Circuit and District Court judge for serious and violent crimes. His proposal requires the Administrative Office of theCourts to compile and maintain a register (available to the public) that contains a record of sentences: for the Court of Appeals, votes on death penalty cases; for Circuit Court, the sentence imposed for crimes of violence in non-jury trials; for District Court, the sentence imposed for drunken driving offenses. We have been asking readers if they agree with the proposal, why or why not, should more types of crimes be included in the bill and what their thoughts are on the sentencing issue. Here is an other one of the replies we have received:From: Harold Sultzbaugh


Yes, I agree with the proposal for common sense reasons.

All crimes should be included.

Sentencing is generally far too lenient.


From: David L. Greene

Interim director

County Extension Office

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the excellent article Kerry O'Rourke wrote in the Carroll County Sun Oct. 6 on the Fritz family.

Very few non-farm people todayhave the faintest idea about how many hours and how difficult the work is on a modern dairy farm.

The real unique and informative partof the story was the connection you made between the farm and the consumer.

The facts given in the story re-emphasizes the efficiency of our farms today, but also tells the basic message most people either forget or don't know -- that yogurt, cheese, milk, etc. comes fromcows!

Congratulations on a very well researched and well-written story.


From: Patricia Wall


Regarding the letter I wrote to you, published in the Oct. 13 issue of The Carroll County Sun, the metaphor is funny.

But, humor has been added where I didn't mean to be humorous.

I didn't write, "There's a bulldozer somewhere laughing all the way to the bank."

What I wrote was, "There's builder . . ."

C'mon guys.

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