New Overpass Gives Marc Riders Access To Route 32

October 20, 1991

The new interchange of Route 32 and Dorsey Run Road opened to traffic Friday, allowing easier access for people who use the Savage Maryland Rail Commuters station.

Before the interchange, MARC train riders from Columbia or points west had to travel along Route 1 to reach westbound Route 32.

The new overpass gives them direct access from Dorsey Run Road toRoute 32.

The intersection also will mean the elimination of a traffic light just across the Anne Arundel County line at Brock Bridge Road.

Signs leading to the intersection had indicated it would open Thursday, but two days of rain delayed completion of the two-year State Highway Administration project.

Last week, the SHA also announced the completion of repaving on Route 144 from Triadelphia Road toRoute 32.

The project started shortly after the state legislaturevoted June 26 to increase 63 motor vehicle fees to strengthen the state's ailing transportation fund.

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