From The Sun Oct. 20-26, 1841OCT. 21: Front Street -- We...


October 20, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Oct. 20-26, 1841

OCT. 21: Front Street -- We are glad to see that this street is being repaved in an improved and handsome style. It needed it very much.

OCT. 26: President Tyler -- We are happy to inform the public that the rumor of an attempt to assassinate the President, mentioned by us yesterday morning, received no confirmation through the whole of yesterday.

From The Sun Oct. 20-26, 1891

OCT. 20: By a collision shortly before noon yesterday, at Sherwood, on the Northern Central Railway, between a freight train and a repair train, a locomotive was wrecked and a box car smashed to bits. No person was injured.

OCT. 21: The body of Miss Alice Hecht was found yesterday lying upon the base of the Washington Monument. No one saw her leave the upper part of the monument, but it was evident from the condition of the body that she had jumped or fallen from the top.

From The Sun Oct. 20-26, 1941

OCT. 24: Expansion of the State Guard to a personnel of 4,000 by creation of a reserve unit was announced last night by Governor O'Conor.

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