He Saidthe window blew in againi think it was a train or...

October 19, 1991|By Poems by Rusty Simpson

He Said

the window blew in again

i think it was a train or somethingthe tracks rattle rat traps like tha

all the time

so i called the president

he said ''tighten the sash''

and i said ''but mister president

the wall's loose''

he said ''how' bout a cash incentive?''

i said ''there's nothin' down here

to spend it on''

he said he'd ''do a study''

so i told him i'd vote for him

rain forest surgery

miasmic man's black rains create

an appetite for killing magic

refuse tumbles off our mountain

choking life below

third world oil and food fires

leave our planet a dark thirsty

expanding desert of

slug greed and vapid cash reasoning

. . . sails filled -- but mapless

with bent rudder and broken compass

all winds seem the same

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