Around the house* Thread toilet tissue through the slot of...


October 19, 1991

Around the house

* Thread toilet tissue through the slot of an empty boutique tissue box. Place on bathroom vanity and use the tissues to remove makeup, etc. Toilet tissue is less costly.

* Keep canvas shoes clean. Spray with a fabric protector. Soiled sneakers can be sprayed with a rug and upholstery cleaner, then rubbed clean with a damp cloth.

* When storing summer clothing, use plastic garbage pails. The containers will keep mildew and moths out.

* Clean miniblinds quickly. Hang them on a pair of self-stick utility hooks placed in the shower. Hose down with a hand-held nozzle and allow to drip dry.

* Avoid storing summer clothes in attics and basements. Humidity promotes mildew which attacks fibers in fabrics.

In the garden

* Protect remaining vegetables in garden from frost. Newspapers, cloth, sheets of plastic, paper bags, cardboard boxes and old blankets are some of the things you can use to extend your harvest.

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