For those of you scoring at homeThe weirdest strikeout of...

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October 18, 1991

For those of you scoring at home

The weirdest strikeout of the season, as noted in Baseball America, was by Detroit Tigers first baseman Dave Bergman and was scored 2-5-6-4-3. That's because the Seattle Mariners tossed the ball around the infield before realizing the third strike had bounced in the dirt, and Bergman made a belated and unsuccessful run to first base.

Better Red than Cardinal?

Noting that Stanford's offensive line averages 300 pounds per man while Cornell's defensive line averages 240, Sports Illustrated said that when the Cardinal rolled, 56-6, on Saturday, "the Cornell Big Red was not playing out of its league; it was playing out of its species."

This malaprop's for you

New York Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner, known to flub a line or two (or 200,000) over his career, was trying to set up a commercial for Bud Light during the team's last game of the season. Instead, he said: "We'll be back to wrap things up and talk about David Cone's 19-strikeout performance, after this word from Bud Black."

You sure Kiner didn't say that?

Michael Novak wrote in "The Joys of Sports": "Baseball is a Lockean game, a kind of contract theory in ritual form, a set of atomic individuals who assent to patterns of limited cooperation in their mutual interest."

Sure, but where does spitting fit in?

The quote

Jeff Kemp, the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback now with the Philadelphia Eagles, on his talks with his father, Jack, the former pro quarterback who now heads the Department of Housing and Urban Development: "He's a big encouragement. If I tell him to back off, he will. By the same token, I don't give him pointers on HUD policies."

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