Warmongering war wimp

October 18, 1991|By Philadelphia Daily News

THERE COULD be no better symbol of the Reagan administration than Elliott Abrams -- a war wimp who spent the Vietnam War in Cambridge, Mass., and London, getting lots of postgraduate training so he could later more effectively advocate sending other people marching off to their deaths.

Abrams went to Washington as a 33-year-old assistant secretary of state, youngest person to hold such high rank in this century.

There, he was a good soldier of the Reagan Revolution, neo-conservative battalion. George Shultz would later give him a medal for service in this non-shooting war.

His service was considerable. He was arrogant. He was a true believer. He was a liar. He was abusive to subordinates who were not as enthusiastic as he about the contra war, about

which he misled Congress and the American people. He fired those he could and insulted everybody else. He was a critical part of the illegal Iran-contra deal, strong-arming $10 million out of the sultan of Brunei, so as to accomplish what Congress had specifically banned. . . .

[S]pecial prosecutor Lawrence Walsh squeezed hard and Abrams copped to two misdemeanor counts stemming from his more impressive lies. Getting this bum on anything makes whatever Walsh has spent worthwhile. Abrams' plea shows how broadly and deeply corruption and anti-constitutional activity went among Reagan's whackos.

Abrams is unrepentant, still arrogant as he awaits sentencing. If the judge follows the standards set for less distinguished criminals, that pomposity should mean jail time. Wouldn't it be nice to finally see one of these warmongering wimps in uniform.

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