NAACP urges alternate plan on redistricting

October 18, 1991|By Sandra Crockett | Sandra Crockett,Baltimore County Bureau of The Sun

The Baltimore County branch of the NAACP resoundly rejected the redistricting plan approved by the county House delegation and presented its own plan last night.

"We are opposed to that particular proposal," said James R. Pennington, president of the county's NAACP. "It doesn't contribute to black empowerment."

The proposed legislative redistricting plan that already has delegation approval would create a single-member sub-district near the Liberty Road corridor, which could result in a black elected official in the 1994 election. But the plan would attach it to the mostly rural 10th District in northern Baltimore County.

Mr. Pennington said that the population of African-Americans "would justify more than one single member legislative district."

The NAACP's plan proposes two majority black single-member sub-districts to include Woodlawn and some communities along the Liberty Road corridor.

Under the NAACP plan, two precincts now in the 12th District would be attached to the 11th District, and there would be no linkages to Baltimore City or the 10th District.

The NAACP used census blocs instead of precincts to determine where to draw the lines, Mr. Pennington said. It has has submitted its plan to the governor's Redistricting Advisory Committee.

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