Step on it, DaveThe Atlanta Braves' David Justice insists...

Off the beat

October 17, 1991

Step on it, Dave

The Atlanta Braves' David Justice insists he touched third base on the crucial play in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series.

But umpire Frank Pulli, who called him out, and Braves third-base coach Jimy Williams say they saw him miss it.

"I yelled for him to come back, but nobody could have heard me," Williams said. "I grew up on a ranch, but I didn't have a rope."

Nice knowing you

Atlanta Falcons coach Jerry Glanville on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young, who took a pounding from the Falcons on Sunday: "Man's got courage. Man's got guts. And I don't think he'll be with us very long."

The quote

Moses Malone, now with the Milwaukee Bucks, told the Chicago Tribune: "I've been in the league so many years, 17 [including the American Basketball Association], and people always say negative things about me. They say negative things about the great players. But people talked bad about Jesus Christ, so why can't they talk bad about Moses?"

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