Couple Trek To Harford Tourney


Carricks Of Davidsonville Meet Legendary Soutar At Nabi Open

October 17, 1991|By Donald G Vitek

It's a long way to Forest Hill Lanes in Harford County from Annapolis, but Regina and Gary Carrick didn't give the mileage a second thought when they had the chance to bowl in the NABI Judy Soutar Open the first weekend in October.

"I like bowling NABI tournaments," Gary said. "You get a chance to bowl under competitive conditions in different houses."

Regina said, "I enjoy bowling NABI. I enjoy bowling with different people. Everyone is so nice and cheers you on. Most of all, Gary and I love the great job that the NABI directors do, Joe and Lucy Doctor."

And at the Forest Hill tournament, they got to meet the legendary Judy Soutar. Danny Wiseman, the Dundalk Kid, would have been there, too, but he was busy in St. Louis winning his fourth PBA championship, the Toyota Classic.

Soutar has been a force on the Ladies ProBowlers Tour for more than 30 years. She's a member of the BrunswickAdvisory staff and was inducted into the WIBC Hall of Fame in 1976. She did the color commentary for the TV finals of the tournament thatbears her name.

The Carricks live in Davidsonville and bowl together in the Budweiser Monday Night Mixed and the Thursday Early Birds at Fair Lanes Annapolis.

Gary started bowling duckpins at age 8 before switching to tenpins. He took first place in the NABI tournamentat Towson in May 1990 and fourth at Harrisonburg, Va., in June 1991.His career high game is 258, and his high series is 659. Last year his average was 174, but this year it's 164.

Regina also started bowling duckpins before switching to tens. Her high set is 532 with a high game of 231; her average is 156.

And at the Judy Soutar Open she came close to making the top five to bowl in the televised finals.She finished sixth.

Bobby Shuyler of Crofton also made the long trip to Forest Hill to bowl in the NABI tournament. He bowls three times a week at the Crofton Centre, in the Coors Light Scratch, the Upstarts and the Kettering Mixed leagues.

He throws a Purple Hammer for a 185 average. High game is 278 and the series is 678. Just a few weeks ago, on Labor Day, he finished second in the ABT tournament at Crofton.


Twenty-eight bowling centers, including Severna Park Lanes, Fair Lanes Southdale and Fair Lanes Annapolis, will play host to the 14th annual Bowl U.S.A. tournament to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 30, or Sunday, Dec. 1.

Prizes are awarded to participants based on the amount of money they raise.

Bowl U.S.A. is open to all bowlers of all ages. Information: Melanie Marion, 771-9000.


In Pee Wee Duckpins at Severna Park Lanes, Jason Myers broke his house record of 92 with a great 96 game, and Steven Cahn had his first strike of the season.

Katie Kobin received the PeeWee Bowler of the Week plaque for a 61 game.

In Junior Satellites tenpins, David Yepsen threw five strikes in a row to tally the highest game ever in the league, 192.

* Severna Park Lanes

Pee Wee Duckpins

Jessica Jackson 77

Jason Myers 96

Joshua Ring 74

Cameron Maloney 61

Joey Sachs 55

Jonathon Jones 53

Junior Majors

Brandie Falanga 140/312

Kevin Butschky 372 set

Matt Barnickel 116

David Fontz 110

Kevin Butschky 142

Holly Saxon 100

John Myers 109

Jeni Myers 104

Michael Saxon 103


Michael Cline 117


Jeni Myers 297

John Myers 285

* Tenpins

Early Risers

Karyn Kennedy 150/348

Becky Davids 140/375

Gina Bilbo 135/359

Don Murry 193/481

John Yepsen 190

Rob Cline 474

Junior Satellites

Jamie Long 102

Brian Williams 115

Kristy Wolski 101

Ryan Admiral 121

Adam Thacker 100

David Yepsen 219

* Southwest Fair Lanes

Mike Horn 195

Belinda Koller 166

Bob Kelly 171

Richard Philips 171

Donna Manser 189

Ruby Yeany 161

Steve Cook 178

Dave Soalio 182

John Cowge 180

Charles Corroll 188

DaleGray 186

Pat Vlskas 178

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in the Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.

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