Feminists will not forget

Ann F. Lewis

October 17, 1991|By Ann F. Lewis

FOR MANY women, the memory of watching Anita Hill cruelly attacked strikes too close to our self-respect. We wonder how different the process might have been if women had been on the panel.

If the week's events have had any positive results for organized feminists, they will be felt in a surge of support for women candidates in 1992 -- not good news for incumbents, including male Democrats. Not because a mob of crazed feminists will change their party registration or drop out of politics. But because so many now outraged are volunteers, fund-raisers and organizers who have done the work for so many good causes and so many good candidates for so long.

These women have something important to say. And we cannot continue to speak to them without listening. Women constitute half the population -- too many to be overlooked or to have their views oversimplified. Women who care about making public policy that reflects women's forces must be prepared to hear varying voices speak for themselves.

The writer is the former political director of the Democratic National Committee.

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