It's your call

October 17, 1991

The process by which candidates for the Supreme Court are selected is unfair, according to more than 57 percent of respondents to SUNDIAL. Taking that view were 235 of 407 callers, while 172 callers (42 percent) said the process is fair.

The process was not productive in the Clarence Thomas case, said 70 percent (286 of 405 callers), while 119 callers (29 percent) said it was.

Eighty percent of the callers (324 out of 404) said they did not change their minds about Thomas as a result of the special hearing, and 80 callers (19 percent) said they did.

Finally, only 43 percent (176 of 404 callers) said some good came as a result of the reopened hearings, while 228 callers (56 percent) said otherwise.

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