Updating an old look

October 17, 1991|By Pati Lowell

O.K., so you don't have $200 to spend on a new coat. But that doesn't mean an old coat can't be given a new look.

"The easiest way to update a look is to change the buttons," says Shawny Burns, fashion and public relations director for Saks Fifth Avenue. "Try adding gold or jewel buttons, or even some fun rhinestone buttons to give a coat a fresh look."

If your coat needs more than a brighter button, try adding a contrasting trim. "Anyone can take an old coat and sew on a braid trim," says Donna Locascio, women's fashion adviser for the Wool Bureau. "Or you can have someone add a fake fur cuff or velvet collar to a favorite winter coat." She also recommends hemming a longer coat to the new, shorter length.

And for those who want to update a coat without changing it, try adding some of the season's "mad for plaid" scarves and gloves. The same idea can be used to bring color blocking to your old coat. Choose scarves, hats and gloves in bold tones and try JTC mixing them in exciting combinations.

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