He's certainly understandingImagine telling your boss that...

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October 16, 1991

He's certainly understanding

Imagine telling your boss that you would understand if you had to be fired.

Sam Wyche did just that. Then again, Wyche's CincinnatBengals are 0-6.

Wyche says he spoke with general manager Mike Brown durinthe return flight from Sunday's 35-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

"I think Mike wanted to sleep on the plane coming back from Dallas, so I did all the talking," Wyche said. "I just told him I knew there was going to be pressure -- I don't think from the owners, but pressure from the public.

"And I told him he'd have no problem from my end. I wouldn't go out ripping in the papers."

Wyche, who has two more years on a five-year contract, said Brown gave him a reassuring pat on the knee and an "It's OK."

Brown declined to publicly discuss the coaching situation.

Wyche did not offer to resign. He said he just wanted Brown to know he would understand if he were fired.

"Heck, I don't know what the answer is, either," Wyche said.

F: At least Brown didn't give Wyche a vote of confidence.

What's in a name?

Many Indian groups have long protested team names such as the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians along with Indian symbols used by many high school and college teams.

Still, some teams using these names are having banner years. Sure, the Indians (57-105) finished in their customary spot, but the Braves won the National League West championship; the Florida State Seminoles are undefeated and ranked No. 1 in college football; and in the NFL, the Redskins are 7-0 and the Kansas City Chiefs are 5-2.

The quote

Gabe Kaplan, host of the radio show, 'Sportsnuts,' suggesting a new spin on an old commercial for Victor Kiam, whose New England Patriots have been taken over by the NFL for at least 30 days: "I'm so lousy, I lost the company."

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