Clarksville Teacher Makes Learning Fun

October 16, 1991|By Jackie Powder

If Kitty Boyan's students grow up to be polluters and litterers it won't be for lack of a good role model.

Boyan, a teacher at Clarksville Elementary School, developed the school's outdoor environmental studies area, where students learn about the workings of nature in anopen-air classroom.

But even inside, Boyan doesn't let her students forget about the great outdoors.

Environment posters line the walls. Boyan has evenmanaged to teach her students that a tarantula can be beautiful. Oneof the hairy creatures sits in a cage on a window ledge in the room.

When I visited the class last week, one excited student, Jessica Weeks, couldn't wait to show me their pet.

"Look, she has pink toes," Jessica said.

The class even performed one of their favorite songs: The Rock and Roll of Photosynthesis. Here's the first verse.

"Well, the sun comes streaming out of the sky, making everything grow and keeping us alive and our main connection to the sun are the green leaves. Only they can make food with sunshine energy." I wish science had been this much fun when I was in school.

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