Corruption in government brings apathyHere is a brief...

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October 16, 1991

Corruption in government brings apathy

Here is a brief civics lesson for our struggling students in how the legislative branch of our government works, as revaled in recent embarrassing disclosures.

Congress, our national lawmaking body, consists of two branches: the Senescents, also referred to as "The Gang That Can't Vote Straight," and the House of Reprehensibles.

"The Gang That Can't Vote Straight" seldom hits the target of national good or need. Its aim is deflected by the frantic pursuit of re-election and its bending to the will of those who hold the purse strings of campaign contributions.

The House of Reprehensibles is preoccupied with the pursuit of perks even the most permissive CEO in the private sector would not permit corporate executives. So little time remains to conduct the country's business.

If this lesson is indeed being absorbed by American students, it may help explain why our young people grow up to become non-voters.

Myron Subotnik


Repeatedly, American taxpayers have been revolted, angered and disillusioned by the conduct of the political leaders to whose guidance we entrusted our nation's government. Each new scandal or ethics violation seems to be more contemptible than the last, and now the check-bouncing and restaurant-tab welshing disclosures make us wonder what sort of tawdry con artists we have elected to our hallowed halls of Congress.

There will have to be some changes. First and most important, we must have legislation limiting the number of terms that can be served by members of Congress -there is no other way to control them.

With incredible arrogance, members of Congress exempted themselves from the laws they pass for the rest of us. This delusion of grandeur must be revoked immediately.

Americans will want to know just how and when the whole treasure trove of perquisites came to be for Congress. Was voter approval ever sought or given? Or, as voters suspect, were the perks awarded to Congress by Congress in the wee hours when no one was looking, using the same strategy employed when salary increases were authorized? We must have legislation that will protect the national "cookie jar" from raids (salary and perks both) by Congress, which has allowed itself to become an irresponsible, untrustworthy, sneaky band of would-be


Louis & Helen Rizzo


Stadium memories

Time and time again during the baseball season, I have given "thanks for the memories." But never did I expect an Oriole fan's "field of dreams" to take life before my eyes as it did on Sunday, Oct. 6.

To witness Oriole legends, past and present, return to their home spots and be catapulted into a whirlwind of memories ` well, I still get as choked up as I did on that Sunday afternoon.

Baltimore has been blessed with this organization. Both as individuals and as a city, our lives are richer with the memories wrapped up in 38 years of Oriole and Colt magic at Memorial Stadium.

Ted Miles

Ellicott City

Conversation overheard during a private meeting between two well-known individuals: "I've got it! Let's compromise."

"How about naming it Schaefer Park at Jacobs Yards - Jacobs Park at Schaefer Yards . . . Park Schaefer at Camden Yards . . . Park Jacobs at Camden Yards . . . Schaefer Jacobs at Park Yards . . . Jacobs Schaefer at Yards Park . . .?

"Or perhaps - Oriole Jacobs at Schaefer Yards."

"Maybe - Camden Park at Oriole Yards . . . Oriole Yards at Park Camden . . . Park Yards at Camden Oriole . . . Yards Park at Oriole Camden . . . Oriole Park at Camden Yards . . .

"That's it. Eloiro Krap ta Ned mac Sdray. Pardon me, I seem to have just severely twisted my forked tongue completely out of shape."

Pres Hacker


The truism that writers are seldom eloquent public speakers and that they rarely write their own material is perhaps the reason behind Ken Levine's resignation as an Oriole baseball announcer after one season.

Ken, a zany TV comedy writer ("Cheers"), took a lot of criticism about his nasal, high-pitched voice, and I think that fault-finding influenced his decision to leave the radio booth. Levine will return to Hollywood and to writing his humorous scripts having, nonetheless, realized his boyhood dreams of becoming a major-league baseball broadcaster.

Kelton Carl Ostrander


More than a farewell to a place, fans and heroes paid tribute to an ongoing effort at the final game at Memorial Stadium ` reaching higher than the proud victories of the past. The background music of "Field of Dreams" truly expressed the unconditional faith and love that loyal Baltimore fans have for their team and its future.

Our cheers will follow and ever welcome them home ` at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Charlotte O. Beam

Ellicott City

Serving the people

Thank you for the article on Sept. 30 concerning Dan Boone. Marylanders are very fortunate to have such a qualified, courageous and dedicated employee. Mr. Boone loves Maryland's forest lands and has worked hard to help Marylanders to understand and appreciate their natural

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