Pals again?

October 16, 1991

With the fate of the city hanging in large measure on continued aid from the state, reports that relations between Governor Schaefer and Mayor Schmoke may be warming after a 10-year chill are gratifying indeed. We confess we were always somewhat mystified by the apparent rift between the two men, which had the unfortunate effect of putting the city's future under a cloud.

Perhaps the realization that the state budget crisis threatened to fatally undermine Baltimore's financial viability prompted both men to put aside whatever differences they might have had as simply not worth jeopardizing the city each has faithfully served. At least something like that appears to have happened judging from the grace with which the two resumed cordial relations last week during encounters at the Center Club in downtown Baltimore and at a CSX reception at the B&O Railroad Museum.

Without wishing to make too much of all this, let us merely state that if the new relationship between Schaefer and Schmoke is any indication of a desire for closer cooperation between city and state at all levels, then it is a very welcome development.

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