Reese at UMAB

October 16, 1991

Congratulations to Dr. Errol L. Reese on his installation as president of the University of Maryland at Baltimore. In his year as effective head of what he calls "the public institution of higher education in Maryland for educating health and human service professionals" -- physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and lawyers -- he has displayed a readiness to innovate and break out of the parochialism that has isolated so many state universities and colleges.

Dr. Reese's objective is to develop an "interactive university" that abandons the ivory tower for close involvement with its community and state in dealing with important social and economic problems.

One of his most important initiatives is the proposed merger of UMAB with the University of Maryland Baltimore County, an institution with an undergraduate base and a strong orientation to computer sciences, engineering, biotechnology and arts and sciences. By combining these specialties with his own institution's expertise in health and human services, Dr. Reese foresees opportunities for cross-fertilization and shared programs that will provide "enormous benefits" for faculty and students while promoting economic development and technology transfer in this city and state.

These are ambitious goals, especially in a period of economic adversity, and they will require support from Gov. William Donald Schaefer and the General Assembly. But with the vision Dr. Reese brings to his post, the prospects for a great public institution of higher learning in the Baltimore region are brighter than before. We look forward to the future University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB).

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