Top amenities

October 16, 1991

Below is a list of top apartment amenities sought by renters, listed randomly, compiled from interviews with apartment management professionals:

* On-call, 24-hour maintenance.

* Well-maintained apartments and grounds, including good lighting and parking.

* Attractive, quiet community with nice neighbors.

* Convenience items, such as full-sized washers and dryers in the apartment, microwaves, dishwashers, ceiling fans, and heating, air conditioning and hot water that they control.

* Larger, more spacious rooms and two bathrooms for units larger than one bedroom. Town houses are becoming more popular than one-floor apartments.

* Storage space within the apartment, not in the building's basement.

* Pets allowed.

* Clubhouses with pools, tennis courts, and play areas for children.

* Weight and exercise rooms. (Some managers maintain, however, that having health clubs is nice, but they often go unused.)

* Convenience to shopping and easy access to freeways.

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