Petition drive seeks to limit council terms

October 16, 1991|By Howard County Bureau of The Sun

Howard County Councilman Darrel E. Drown launched a petition drive yesterday to place a three-term limit on council members on the Nov. 3, 1992, ballot.

"The three-term limitation takes away the influence of big money and the incumbency advantage and allows citizens to run for office on the basis of what is best for the county rather than simply to get elected," Mr. Drown, R-2nd, said.

Howard County Action for Limiting Terms (HALT), which Mr. Drown described as a "non-partisan" effort, must gather the signatures of 10,000 registered county voters by mid-August 1992 to put the term limit on the ballot. The group hopes to raise about $11,000 to pay for advertising, printing costs and materials, he said.

If the proposed county charter amendment becomes law, it would be retroactive to the 1990 council term, Mr. Drown said.

"It is not aimed at anybody now on the council," the first-term councilman said. Council members would be able to complete their current four-year terms and two others before the limitation would take effect.

The council defeated Mr. Drown's earlier bid to put a three-term limit before voters in a 3-2 vote March 4, with Councilman Charles C. Feaga, R-5th, joining Mr. Drown.

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