Dancer claims gay encounter with Lennon

October 16, 1991|By New York Daily News

NEW YORK WTB — NEW YORK -- Tony Monero, a Brooklyn singer/dancer who says he inspired the story of his namesake in the hit movie "Saturday Night Fever," claims he had a PG-rated sexual encounter with John Lennon.

Eliot Mintz, spokesman for Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, declined comment.

Monero ran into Lennon outside Jimmy Day's bar in Greenwich Village one morning in May 1974, during Lennon's 18-month separation from Ono.

"John and Harry Nilsson had been up all night," says Monero, who introduced himself as a fan and was invited by Lennon for a drink.

"When we sat down," Monero says, "John was saying things like, 'You're not gay, are you?' and joking about my being 'the prettiest chick I've seen all day.' It was weird, but this was John Lennon, my idol.

"Later, when we were walking, he propositioned me. But all we did was he put his arm around me. It was more like comfort. You could tell the guy was in pain."

Then, Monero says, they went to Lennon's suite at the Hotel Pierre, ate steak and eggs "and lay down just, like, holding each other."

No sexual act was consummated, he says.

In his biography "The Lives of John Lennon," Albert Goldman wrote only that Lennon made a crude sex suggestion to Monero in the restaurant.

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