Hot or dirty, Waters is up to his neck in it again

October 15, 1991|By Ron Reid | Ron Reid,Knight-Ridder

PHILADELPHIA -- Nothing happened.

That was Philadelphia Eagle Andre Waters' reaction yesterday when pressed for details of a fight that took place Sunday between Waters and New Orleans Saints wide receiver Eric Martin moments after their game at Veterans Stadium.

"Ain't nothing happened," Waters said yesterday while the Eagles reflected on their 13-6 loss to the Saints. "You can draw your own conclusion. You can write whatever you want to write. I'm telling you nothing happened. I have no comment about the incident . . . and that's it."

But that may not be it for the man they love to fine.

Jim Finks, the Saints president and general manager, said yesterday that he expected the NFL to take disciplinary action against the Eagles defensive back.

"Everybody's waiting for the commissioner to do something," lTC Finks told the New Orleans Quarterback Club.

According to two eyewitnesses who were only a few yards away at the time, photographers Andrew Boyd of the New Orleans Times-Picayune and Jerry Lodriguss of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the fracas went like this:

Waters ran down the field after the game was over, grabbed Martin from behind, tore off his helmet and proceeded to punch the Saint about the head.

At that point, several Saints began running to Martin's aid. Two Saints pulled Waters away from Martin. Waters then ran away but was eventually caught by Martin, whereupon hostilities resumed.

Lodriguss said the fracas "was funny, like a grammar school fight. One guy punches the other, then runs away."

Waters took great exception when asked whether he thought he would be fined.

"I don't like it when you suggest in your stories that I be fined," Waters complained. "I don't like it when you stick your hands in my pockets. You shouldn't say I should be docked a paycheck."

Waters, 29, also denied he had been carrying a 2-year-old grudge against Martin for allegedly blocking Waters in the knees the last time the teams met.

"You don't carry no grudge for no two years."

Because the fight occurred after the game ended, there may not be any television videotape of the incident. Whatever, Waters is no stranger to being fined.

A year ago, the fiery defender drew a $10,000 penalty for twice hitting Minnesota quarterback Rich Gannon in the knees. The violation came in a "Monday Night Football" game and induced ABC's Dan Dierdorf to call Waters "the dirtiest player in the NFL."

Waters was fined $1,500 for his actions in a game on Nov. 6, 1988, in which he propelled his body toward the knees of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jim Everett.

In 1986, in Atlanta, Waters leveled Falcons quarterback David Archer out of bounds. That also drew a fine.

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