Cheers for Dubel* Unfortunately, I missed the comments by...

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October 15, 1991

Cheers for Dubel

* Unfortunately, I missed the comments by Mike Farabaugh (The Evening Sun, Sept. 17) about Dr. Robert Y. Dubel, superintendent of the Baltimore County Public Schools, so what I have to say may be repetitious. I have firsthand knowledge, however, of Dr. Dubel's avid interest in sports in the Baltimore County schools. No matter what the sport -- be it football, basketball, wrestling -- no matter what the weather, no matter how many meetings before or after the game, did he miss a crucial game for Baltimore County.

He attended every possible game where a Baltimore County school was in contention for a state title and was a strong supporter of the MSA-Baltimore County rivalry. But more than just attendance at games and support for athletics, Dr. Dubel has been the guiding force, and a leader with a vision of what athletics can do for students.

It is certain that his influence will be lasting.

Alice L. Kempuer Baltimore

Give racing its due

* In Ross Peddicord's article in the Sept. 10 edition of The Evening Sun, the state's $50,000 expense for the Maryland Million was referred to as an outrage. Wrong. The $50,000 represents a sound investment in the future of our state.

For one, the state budget collects more than it allocates on racing programs. Sure, there are racing officials and administrators to be paid, but Peddicord's comments would make one believe that the industry is subsidized. The state benefits by healthy business at the race track because the comptroller gets a share of the handle. The state is also in a position to collect income tax in the event the track operator turns a profit.

More important than the direct tax impact is the overall economic impact of the horse industry. According to a recent study, the state makes $3 for every dollar wagered at the track. Think of the tack supplies at the farm in Woodbine, the two gallons of gas it takes to get to Rosecroft or to dinner at a restaurant near Pimlico. Ross Peddicord painted a picture of Safely Kept stealing off with the money. The Office of Sports Promotion could probably supply the other side of the story for Peddicord. Maryland hoteliers, merchants and breeders were given the chance to sell their products and services to present and prospective owners and fans, many of whom bring money from out of state.

The taxpayers and the residents should be aware that breeding and racing is big business in our state. Many little guys count on the continued health of the industry. I am personally counting on the governor to support harness racing in Maryland. I feel compassion for the employees threatened by the recession, but across the state, the horse industry has been as threatened as many of the state's major employers.

It seems that Ross Peddicord is questioning the concept of economic development, and that he is questioning the importance of horse racing. Both horse racing and economic development are essential to our state.

James Magno Beltsville

Reminiscent of Earl

* Joe Morgan (former Red Sox manager) always had a little Earl Weaver in him. Not in the way he managed: Morgan managed by instinct, while Weaver used his stats cards. But neither manager believed in coddling his players.

Weaver had many run-ins with Jim Palmer. Palmer had the idea that he should manage the team when he was pitching. Weaver and Rick Dempsey in times of disagreement used to see who could toss the most bats out of the dugout. However, Palmer and Dempsey respected Weaver and knew how far they could go in testing his patience.

Joe Morgan probably didn't have as much success as Weaver in dealing with his players. But how do you deal with a bunch of insecure millionaires who have the maturity level of kindergarten pupils?

A. Bill Kearns Boston *

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