UM layoffs hits clerks Layoffs at College Park campus spare faculty.

October 15, 1991|By Melody Simmons | Melody Simmons,Evening Sun Staff

Administrators at the University of Maryland College Park were handing out pink slips today to 67 employees, blaming the recession and five rounds of state budget cuts in 13 months.

It is the university's first layoff related to the state's $450 million fiscal crisis. Most of those affected will be terminated Jan. 13, 1992.

"This is a very sad day for the university," said UMCP President William Kirwan. "The state's budget crisis continues to have a devastating impact on the university. Now we have been forced to lay off people."

There were no faculty cuts. Classified employees, mostly clerical personnel who receive an average salary of $22,375, account for 56 of the firings. The university also was eliminating 11 administrative staff members, whose average salary is $40,000.

The state's budget woes have forced cuts of $95 million from the UM System's 11 institutions since last year.

UMCP has slashed $12.8 million from its 1992 budget so far, and last month, Kirwan ordered furloughs of up to three days without pay for 4,000 employees.

Layoffs and furloughs at other UM institutions such as UM Baltimore County and the University of Baltimore also are expected.

Students also have been asked to help defray the budget cuts.

In August, the UM Board of Regents approved a one-time 15 percent tuition surcharge for the spring semester. The regents followed that by imposing a tuition increase of 16 percent effective next fall.

At UMCP, the laid-off employees make up 2 percent of the institution's work force. They average 41 years of age, university officials said, and the males being terminated made higher salaries than the females losing their jobs.

UMCP administrators have established counseling and career development centers to assist the terminated employees, said spokeswoman Roz Heibert.

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