Private-sector workers suffer like all othersUpon reading...

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October 15, 1991

Private-sector workers suffer like all others

Upon reading in the Forum (Oct. 7) six letters which all opposed the governor's recent management decision, one wonders whether all Marylanders would rather tax than cut or if The Evening Sun editors manipulated letters published to support their own views. Be assured the former is not the case.

While troopers and other state employees were on TV lamenting the loss of a 20-year job, many in the private sector whose jobs make contributions to the GNP dreamed of working 10 or 20 consecutive quarters without a shortened work week or pay cuts. Having a $35,000 trooper giving a DARE program in school is unnecessary and redundant because the essence of that program is taught by parents in many households I know, and the reduction of a few hours of helicopter time still leaves us far ahead of the prehelicopter Med-Evac days with respect to emergency response time.

I'll settle for less state cradle-to-grave services to avoid the notoriety of being in one of the highest-taxed states in the country.

Dennis R. McCartney


Deer up to here

We read with great interest your article (Evening Sun, Oct. 2 regarding the deer population and David Rose, a farmer on the Gunpowder Park land. We are privileged to live next to the park adjacent to one of Mr. Rose's fields, where the over-populated deer daily destroy a portion of his crop. Then, with a change of TC season, they direct their hearty appetites toward our trees and shrubs.

My husband and I are not hunters. We enjoy the graceful animals; however, it is increasingly apparent that there is a need to thin out the population. In their search for food, the deer not only destroy Mr. Rose's crops and our nursery stock, but also the seedlings and plants that are needed to replenish an aging and dying forest.

The park is an artificial situation meant to protect the species from extinction. There is no predatory animal to control over-population. Only disease, inbreeding and starvation remain to preserve the natural food chain. In view of this, we strongly feel that the DNR needs to allow a period of regulated bow hunting, realizing that this decision will benefit the environment, but it will not please those who do not experience or understand the existing problem.

Ann and Dean Vassar


Pregnancy and life

According to the New American Dictionary and Health Manual, by Robert E. Rothenberg, M.D., the definition for "pregnancy" is: "The condition of having a developing baby inside the body; being with child."

The normal human pregnancy lasts 280 days. Therefore, there must be life present to be pregnant. Without life being present, no pregnancy exists.

If we say we don't know when life begins in a pregnancy, we delude ourselves.

The definition for "delusion" from the same source: "A belief maintained even though it is contrary to the truth."

Arthur O. Peters


Inaccurate letters

In the Forum Oct. 3, you really outdid yourselves when you printed the Israel-bashing letter loaded with misinformation entitled: "Stop the flow of U.S. aid to Israel." To balance the debate, you printed a second, even more vicious anti-Israel letter, "Brother Israel!"

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and there is no crime in printing it. What disturbs me about The Evening Sun editoria staff is that knowing the information was wrong in the first letter, you had the effrontery to reinforce it by repeating the misinformation in the second.

Surely The Evening Sun by this time must realize the loan

guarantee is not a loan and it does not take "food out of the mouths of American families." In fact, it has just the opposite effect, since most of the money will come from American banks and most of the supplies from American companies, bringing jobs to our industries where they are desperately needed.

Besides, I doubt that either author of those odious dispatches is aware that the group calling itself the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded in 1964, not to liberate the West Bank and Gaza Strip, since they were both in Arab hands at that time, but to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. Their covenant to this day still calls for the complete destruction of Israel.

If, on learning these facts, the letter writers hold to their beliefs, we will not be dealing with honest, open-minded, concerned citizens, but with bigots who have as much faith in democracy as Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein or Hafez el Assad.

Printing these letters without corrections or balancing letters only popularizes inaccurate information leading to an uninformed public ` an idea which apparently gives the editors a great deal of pleasure.

Stan Hoffman


City on the bay

Baltimore city has long been pushing out into the harbor. Now we're told it has reached the Chesapeake Bay. At least that's what promotional material for "Baltimore on the Bay" would have us believe.

Whatever happened to the Patapsco River? Or to geography?

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