After 41 years, goodbye to an old love She's been taken by a higher authority

Frank Lynch

October 15, 1991|By Frank Lynch | Frank Lynch,Frank Lynch is a makeup editor for The Evening Sun. He writes about his feelings for Memorial Stadium and his adopted sons -- the Colts and Orioles.

IT WAS love at first sight.

After four years of courtship with my first love, one might say the relationship "splintered."

My new love was plain, but beautiful. Her fresh fragrance captured my senses.

We met on a cool evening in the spring of 1950. The indirect lighting accentuated her every curve. I was smitten.

It didn't matter that thousands of other people were having identical feelings for her. She was mine and would remain so for the next 41 years.

We adopted our first child, a boy, in December of 1952. Less than a year later we welcomed a second son. Over the years the four of us shared many happy moments, mostly with friends but sometimes alone.

Our eldest was the first to achieve success. He was considered tops in his profession for many years and reaped numerous awards. We were proud parents, to say the least.

Then, seven years ago, he was transferred out of state. After some early success, he fell upon hard times. His firm is suffering because of a production problem and, just recently, he had to replace a top official. The future is not bright. We worry.

Although our second son took a little longer to match his brother's achievements, his have been lasting. Financially, he is stable and enjoys a tremendous rapport with the public.

Next year he'll be moving into a beautiful new home. Because of his popularity, we know he'll be entertaining many guests. We rejoice.

Now a higher authority has taken my love. We said goodbye to her the other day. The outpuring of sentiment was enormous.

Friends we've made over the years returned to pay their repects. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. People lingered after the final tribute.

They loved her as much as I.

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