Seven senators are still undecided

October 15, 1991

Forty-one GOP senators support Clarence Thomas' confirmation for the Supreme Court. Only two, Sens. James Jeffords of Vermont and Bob Packwood of Oregon, have said they will not support him.

These Democrats support Thomas: Sens. Sam Nunn and Wyche Fowler of Georgia, J. Bennett Johnston and John Breaux of Louisiana, Harry Reid and Richard Bryan of Nevada; Ernest F. Hollings of South Carolina, Dennis DeConcini of Arizona, Alan J. Dixon of Illinois, David Boren of Oklahoma, Richard Shelby of Alabama and J. James Exon of Nebraska.

These Democrats are undecided: Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, Bob Graham of Florida, Charles Robb of Virginia, Wendell Ford of Kentucky, Harris Wofford of Pennsylvania and David Pryor of Arkansas.

These Democrats announced opposition: Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York,

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