Flimsy ChargeEditor: Regarding the nomination of Clarence...


October 15, 1991

Flimsy Charge

Editor: Regarding the nomination of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court, have we reached new heights in hypocrisy?

The flimsy accusation of sexual harassment 10 years ago, in yet another political charade designed to discredit and foil the possibility of hiring someone who can do the job, fills me with disgust and contempt.

Individuals who believe that slinging mud, no matter how thin, garners the respect of thinking Americans are sadly misguided.

There are few people who have not committed acts of indiscretion for which they are not proud -- and please note, I do not mean major wrongdoings, but personally, I would prefer to get down to serious business in choosing the best man for the job and an end to this opportunistic nit-picking.

Lucille C. Kerns.


Farming for Fish

Editor: An Oct. 4 Sun article said that a recent audit of the Maryland International Division disclosed that Gov. William Donald Schaefer signed an agreement with a German firm to build a $6.2-million aquaculture facility on the Eastern Shore. The article reported that the facility was never built.

This is essentially correct, but even though the multimillion-dollar venture was unable to attract sufficient U.S. financing, a scaled-down version is being built near Westminster. Scheduled for opening by the end of November, the facility is supposed to produce about 200,000 pounds of fish a year. Two other facilities are planned by the same company for LaPlata, one of which has already started construction.

This effort was never intended to be a German company investing in Maryland, but U.S. investors using German technology.

Aquaculture is growing rapidly in Maryland due mainly to new technology for indoor, recirculating systems such as this.

Wayne A. Cawley Jr.


The writer is secretary of the state Department of Agriculture.

Real Truth

Editor: How convenient it is for media liberals and the Democratic Party to have Ronald Reagan to blame for their failures.

Despite liberals cooking statistics in a vain attempt to prove otherwise, Mr. Reagan was the architect of the greatest economic expansion in U.S. history.

The surest way to cause a recession or kill a recovery is to raise taxes. Why, then, do liberals support increased taxes? The answer is painfully obvious. Despite the fact that socialism is a proven failure, the liberal Democrats want a socialist Utopia in the United States.

It can't work. It won't work. It is time for conservatives to stop being so diplomatic. Force the liberal media to print the real truth. We have had the ultra-liberals in control of the media and federal and state governments too long. The only time the economy really boomed was because of the policies of Ronald Reagan. The economy has nose-dived because of the liberal, tax and spend Democrats and the stealth-Democrat, George Bush.

John A. Beard.



Editor: I am writing to you about an article concerning the hole in the ozone.

While concerns about radiation emanating from this gap may be valid, I object to the statement ''No scientific studies in the 1970s predicted that a hole would appear over Antartica.''

This is either the result of sloppy science or a misrepresentation of the facts.

The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica was known at least in 1962, as there was an article in Scientific American, September 1962, titled ''Antarctic and the Weather,'' which discussed the possible effect this hole had on weather conditions.

While there is a real need for reduction of all kinds of emissions into our atmosphere, a balanced approach which addresses the scientific and economic aspects must be the course of action.

I would like to see a more reasoned approach to the whole problem of our ecology, without sensational statements.

The problems are real enough and need a thorough investigation including whatever we can find from the past records.

Walt Vikestad.


Energy Conservation That Works? No Way!

Editor: Never have there been so many misstatements of fact as in your Oct. 3 editorial, "Energy Conservation That Works." Aside from several minor misstatements, you make two major points. One, energy conservation delays new power plant construction. Two, independent producers using smaller, dual-cycle plants can reduce the cost of electricity.

The maximum theoretical efficiency of a thermal process is determined by the end temperatures, expressed in units of heat per kilowatt hour. That is, we compare fuel in with electricity out. If one process starts at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, another at 800 degrees and both end at 90 degrees, the first process has the greater potential for fuel efficiency.

Because of heat losses, the practical cycle can never equal theoretical efficiency. The job of the plant engineer and the equipment manufacturer is to reduce heat losses, and therefore the amount of fuel required per kilowatt-hour.

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