Beer, here: Stadium vendors take foamy pitch to Atlanta NL playoff notes

October 14, 1991|By Milton Kent | Milton Kent,Evening Sun Staff

ATLANTA -- If the beer vendors at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium look a bit familiar during a CBS crowd shot, there's a good reason.

Some of Memorial Stadium's best beer hawkers have made the trip south to assist their Southern brothers in making sure that Braves fans stay refreshed between tomahawk chops.

"It's kind of like picking cotton. We go where the work is," said Perry Hahn.

The concessions in both Memorial Stadium and Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium are handled by ARA, and when the call went out for extra help, 20 Baltimore veterans responded.

Howard Hart, a longtime stadium vendor, led the three-car caravan south on the 11-hour drive, and the vendors have crashed in sleeping bags at a house in nearby Smyrna.

The vendors left Baltimore at 6:30 p.m. Friday, but ran into a few complications before they got out of Maryland, Hart said.

One car broke down in College Park, and a second car broke a fan belt in Southeast Washington. Miraculously, a passing motorist just happened to have a large quantity of fan belts in the trunk of his car and gave them one.

"We felt it was an angel from God," said Hart.

Like the rest of Atlanta, the vendors have been swept up in Bravesmania, and have learned the status gesture that grants one free passage into Georgia society, namely the tomahawk chop.

"We all got tomahawks. We have the fever," said Wayne Shorter. "The tomahawk looks great on television, but until you see it [in person], it's nothing."

"No matter what happens, we give the tomahawk chop and it doesn't matter," said Hart.

* CHOPPING THE CHOPPERS: The Pirates, who won their first game in eight tries in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, say that the tomahawk mantra chanted by Braves fans is actually more fascinating than intimidating.

"I love it. It kind of gives you goosebumps," said pitcher Bob Walk. "It was like a college football game."

"It's really exciting that they're doing the same thing like that," said rightfielder Bobby Bonilla. "It's pretty cool."

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