The worst luck in golf historyIt may be understandable...

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October 14, 1991

The worst luck in golf history

It may be understandable that pro golfer Mark Brooks played his final round of the Las Vegas Invitational in 1 hour, 39 minutes yesterday, cleaned out his locker and was on a flight home to Fort Worth, Texas, before noon.

His luck had gone bad.

It turned on Friday, in the third round of the 90-hole tournament, after Brooks had played the first 36 holes 12-under-par.

Then, at the 17th hole of the Desert Inn course, he hit a shot into a palm tree. It did not come down.

Brooks needed to identify his ball to avoid a lost-ball penalty. A cherry-picker was summoned. The player was lifted high into the air. He plucked eight balls out of the top of the palm -- but none was his.

It was a lost ball. He made double bogey-7 on the hole.

Then, at the Las Vegas Country Club on Saturday, Brooks put his tee shot on the green on the par-3 ninth hole, his last of the day.

He marked the ball and tossed it to his caddy to be cleaned.

The caddy missed the toss. The ball went into the water.

Rules require that a hole must be completed with the same ball used off the tee. Brooks went into the water after it, shedding shoes, socks and shirt and completely submerged at times.

He came up with 18 balls. None was his. He acquired another two-shot penalty for finishing the hole with the wrong ball. Another double bogey.

"When you're climbing trees and splashing around in the water, you know things are not going your way," he said.

Room service not included

Roberto Alomar and Candy Maldonado of the Toronto Blue Jays live in a hotel that is part of the SkyDome complex. Neither has to pay for his room. Rooms at the hotel are going for up to $1,000 during the playoffs, which is two to four times what the cost is during the season.

From fast break to fast brakes

How is former Rutgers and NBA player James Bailey keeping busy these days?

According to National Dragster, the weekly publication of the National Hot Rod Association, Bailey is racing at tracks in New York and New Jersey.

The quote

Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas, on his image: "There's always been the sense of, 'There's something about this guy, I don't like him, I don't trust him.' There's always been the sense that I'm up to something, but if I was up to something, wouldn't I be through with it by now?"

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