Baltimore CitySHOOTING: Eastern District -- Police...


October 14, 1991|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

SHOOTING: Eastern District -- Police reported that a 37-year-old man whose name was not immediately available was shot about 8:30 p.m. yesterday while he sat in his parked car in the 2200 block of E. Eager St. Police said residents reported seeing a gunman get out of a car and begin firing at the victim. Police responding to the report of gunshots being fired found the victim slumped at the wheel of the car. Police said the man was taken by ambulance to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he was admitted following treatment for bullet wounds to the chin, neck and arm. Police said a man standing near the car also was shot. Darryl Bolling, 22, of the 3300 block of Lawnview Ave., was shot in the arm and taken to Hopkins for treatment. Police said Bolling was expected to be released. Following the shooting, the gunman got back into his car and drove off. Police said they had no motive for the shooting.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 1600 block of Shadyside Road reported that someone broke into his home over the weekend and stole several pieces of photographic equipment. Police said the property, cameras, lenses and other items, were valued at more than $1,300. Police said entry was gained through the kitchen door at the back of the house.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Police reported that more than $350 in cash was stolen from a dwelling in the 1400 block of Homestead St. after someone gained entry through an unlocked basement door.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Police reported that the occupant of an apartment in the 6600 block of Pioneer Drive arrived home yesterday and discovered that someone had broken in and stolen property valued at more than $300. Police said entry was gained by using a pry tool to force open the bedroom window. Police said the intruder escaped with a VCR and a telephone.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Police reported that a couple walking in the 1700 block of Argonne Drive were robbed of their property early Saturday morning. Police said Vernon Gibbons, of the 1700 block of E. Cold Spring Lane, and Lekeisha Sykes, of the 1800 block of Argonne Drive, were walking together shortly after 3 a.m. when they were stopped by a man who kept one hand in his jacket pocket as though armed. The man, police said, threatened to kill the couple if they did not give up their property. Police said the man robbed Sykes of her carrying bag containing cash and property, all valued at about $20, and robbed Gibbons of his keys. Police said the man escaped on foot.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Adelaide Dommeys, of the 1200 block of E. Cold Spring Lane, reported that someone entered her home and stole her TV and VCR. Police said the property was valued at more than $600 and that Dommeys suspects a man she knows of taking the property.

THEFT/ARRESTS: Northeastern District -- Police reported that someone entered the yard of a dwelling in the 3700 block of Frankford Ave. over the weekend and stole a bike valued at $200.Later, police arrested three teen-age boys in connection with the theft. Following their arrests, the youths were released in the custody of their parents pending action by juvenile authorities.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Mary Sullivan, of the 5500 block of Whitwood Road, reported that someone entered her property yesterday and stole two 15-inch bikes. Police said the bikes were valued at $100.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- A resident of the 2800 block of Huntingdon Ave. reported that someone broke into her home over the weekend by forcing a back door and stole a VCR. Police said the value of the property was not known.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- Tracey Carter, of the 2100 block of Boone St., told police she was in the 1100 block of Woodbourne Ave. Saturday morning when a man approached her from behind and stole $35 in cash from her coat pockets.

ASSAULT: Northern District -- Stanley Hobson, of the 2600 block Oswego Ave., reported that during an incident in the 3000 block of Oswego Ave. early yesterday, he was assaulted by a man armed with a handgun who struck him over the left eye with the weapon. Police said Hobson was taken to a hospital for treatment and was released. Police said Hobson knows the attacker, who is being sought.

ASSAULT: Northern District -- Bryan Faison, of the 5100 block of Ivanhoe Ave., reported he was in the 4000 block of Old York Road yesterday when he was assaulted by another man. Police said that during the incident, Faison was stabbed in the back several times with a knife. Police said Faison's attacker fled and that the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment and was listed today in good condition.

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