What People Were Saying

October 14, 1991

"Clarence Thomas's behavior toward Anita Hill was no more, no less than his behavior toward the rest of his staff. He was respectful, demanding of excellence in our work, cordial, professional, interested in our lives, in our career ambitions."

-- Phyllis Berry, special assistant to Judge Thomas at EEOC

"He wouldn't take no for an answer."

-- Susan Hoerchner, character witness for Anita Hill.

"I have known Clarence Thomas in times of his darkest moment and in his shining triumphs. I've had a role in most of his confirmation battles, none of which have ever been easy. In that capacity, I have been privy to the most intimate details of his life. In all that time, never, never has anyone raised allegations such as Anita has."

-- Phyllis Berry, testifying for Judge Thomas

"When you're confronted with something like that, you feel powerless and vulnerable."

-- Ellen M. Wells, project manager, American Public Welfare Association, for Ms. Hill.

"She was arrogant. She was the kind of woman who made you feel that she was not going to be messed with, not take, like she was not going to take anything from anyone."

J.C. Alvarez, former special assistant to Thomas at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

"Being a black woman you know you have to put up with a lot. So you grit your teeth and you do it."

-- Ellen M. Wells, character witness for Anita Hill.

"She's one of the most level-headed people I have ever known. Her feet are firmly on the ground. She has never conveyed any fantasy to me whatsoever."

-- Judge Susan Hoerchner, workers compensation judge from California, for Ms. Hill

"I know he did no such thing."

-- Nancy Elizabeth Fitch, character witness for Judge Thomas.

"Ms. Hill is truthful."

-- Paul Minor, a private security professional who gave Anita Hill a lie-detector test.

"I believe he will make it."

-- President Bush.

"I suppose that for myself, unless there is really further corroborating evidence of a strong nature, one has to ask themselves do we see a nominee destroyed just by evidence of

one person?"

-- Sen. Nancy L. Kassebaum, R-Kan., one of two women in the Senate

"He's going to prevail."

-- Sen. Alan K. Simpson, R-Wyo., a Thomas supporter, on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"I think it's a stupid idea."

-- President Bush, asked whether both Judge Thomas and Ms. Hill should take polygraph tests.

"I wonder how many tens of thousands of millions of men in this country work for a boss who treats them like a lackey, tells them to do certain things, and stay on the job, and we never ask, 'Why does that man stay on the job?' "

Senator Joseph Biden

"Look, it's just like a football game."

-- Fred McGrath, a lawyer from Arlington, Va., told his 3-year-old daughter, Mary, as they watched women support and oppose Judge Thomas on the steps of the Senate office building.

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