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October 13, 1991

Indy understands now

To Baltimore football fans:

When Bob Irsay moved the Colts to Indianapolis, it appeared you were mad at all Hoosiers.

I remember how I felt when they moved the heart and soul of Brooklyn to California -- the Dodgers ceased to exist.

Now, after observing the Irsay family in operation, I understand your anger and frustration:

* The Colts are on their way to an 0-16 record. And a high draft pick.

* The Irsays fired Ron Meyer and replaced him with Rick Venturi, who had a record of 1-31-1 at Northwestern University.

* Even when the Colts are losing by large margins, they keep Jeff George, their $15 million quarterback in, while Jack Trudeau, a quarterback with the ability to turn games around, is benched.

* The Colts have a number of injured players out for the year, like the bulk of the offensive line. How can you win when key players are out of action? Yet, Jimmy Irsay said, "We don't want any more excuses about injuries; we want to win big."

What I would like to do is put Jimmy Irsay in as a quarterback and Bob Irsay in as a linebacker.

The citizens of Indianapolis and Baltimore should buy the Colts so they could fire the Irsays. Then we could split the home games between Baltimore and Indy.

Thinking back, you Baltimore fans have a lot of nerve being mad at Indianapolis. Hell, we did you a favor, taking the Irsays off your hands.

Daniel Miller


Oates must go

I've been an Orioles fan for 23 years, since I was 6 years old, and John Oates is the worst manager I've ever seen.

He pinch hits the wrong players at the wrong time and he takes out players who are capable of hitting better than the people he puts in to pinch hit. His game plans are the worst I've ever seen. His strategy always seems to backfire, and it has cost the Orioles plenty of games.

Howard Dorsey


Where's the Baltimore?

With little fanfare and over a period of several years, the metamorphosis is complete. Our beloved Baltimore Orioles are now officially known as the Orioles.

Why was this plan perpetrated on the great and loyal fans of Baltimore? Presumably, the ownership of the team (first Edward Bennett Williams, and now Eli Jacobs) decided that marketing the Orioles on a regional basis (drawing fans from Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia) would benefit the financial standing of the team. Therefore, "Baltimore" was deleted from the name of the team, so as not to offend any fan living outside Baltimore.

I have no problem with a scheme to draw as many fans apossible from any locale. However, was it really necessary to eliminate the reference to the city of Baltimore on all official team paraphernalia and literature? Was it really necessary to remove "Baltimore" from the team's road jerseys? Is it really necessary for the TV and radio broadcasters to go out of their way in avoiding to say the "Baltimore" Orioles?

How is it that the Boston Red Sox, who draw from the entire New England area, are able to survive without simply being known as the Red Sox? The tremendous irony these days in watching baseball on Home Team Sports is the great care taken by announcers Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein in abstaining from mentioning the dreaded city of Baltimore, while at the same time, the viewer is constantly being reminded of scores of other games on, where else, but The Washington Post scoreboard.

Hasn't the city of Baltimore done enough for the ownership of this team to merit a modicum of respect? I believe it's high time for the fans of this great city to stand up and demand a little justice. Jacobs should return the name of Baltimore to the Orioles, where it rightfully belongs. It would be but one small gesture that is not only the right thing to do, but a meaningful way of saying "thank you" to a city that has done so much for him.

Morton D. Marcus


Stadium name strikes out

Orioles Park at Camden Yards? This is clearly a case where the whole is far less than the sum of the parts. How can the owner of a private, for-profit enterprise dictate a self-centered name for a stadium built by the taxpayers of Maryland?

The Orioles, who already avoid all references to Baltimore in their marketing strategy, not to mention their road uniforms, are somehow ashamed of anything associated with Baltimore. Camden Yards is a colorful, appropriate name in this age of self-gratifying, bland names.

Maybe the Orioles should do the honorable thing, like the Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, etc., and change their name to the Maryland Orioles (at Baltimore). This avid Baltimore Orioles fan from Silver Spring is dismayed and outraged. Please -- Camden Yards only.

Mark J. Glaudemans

Silver Spring

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