Sisters To Become Rivals In Key Soccer Matchup

October 13, 1991|By Katherine Dunn | Katherine Dunn,Staff writer

Taryn and Jinae Szerensits share the same family and the same home. But they don't share the same high school soccer team.

Because of the change in the boundary line between C. Milton Wright and Fallstonhigh schools, the sisters found it possible to play on rival varsitysoccer teams.

Wednesday night, the two will face each other when Jinae's Fallston team visits Taryn's C. Milton Wright squad.

"I know this might not be the first time two sisters have played against each other, butit might be the first time two sisters that still live in the same house will play against each other," said Tom Szerensits, the girls' father.

The family's split loyalty began this year when Jinae entered her freshman year at Fallston.

The boundary line does not run through the Szerensits' house, but moved it into Fallston territory. Since Taryn, a junior, already went to Wright, Jinae had a choice.

Although the sisters are very close, Jinae, 14, opted for Fallston. "There were a lot of different reasons, like my friends going to Fallston. I just thought I would start over and make a fresh start at Fallston."

Both parents were comfortable with Jinae's choice especially since her younger siblings, Tatum, 13, Tanner, 11, and Travis, 7, will follow Jinae to Fallston.

But on game nights, Judy Szerensits and her three youngest soccer players face a tough choice. Do they goto see Taryn's game or do they go to see Jinae's?

Sometimes there's still another complication, because Tom Szerensits is an assistantcoach for the boys soccer team at Bel Air. He is in the toughest spot, rarely getting to see either of his daughters play.

"It seems every year I feel that guilt as a parent, but they tend to talk me outof it. They know how much I enjoy coaching, and they don't want to take that away from me."

The girls feel the same way about their parents' choosing between games. Neither feels slighted if their motherand siblings go to the other's game.

Ask the girls who is the better soccer player, and they take it personally that anyone should want to pick between them. "I don't like answering that question," said Taryn, 16. "We play different positions, and I think both of us have different styles."

Wednesday night, Taryn and Jinae will play against each other for the first time ever. Taryn plays halfback for C. Milton Wright and Jinae plays wing for Fallston, so they will come face to face.

Neither is predicting who will win, but both say they and their teammates look forward to the game.

"My friends all say she's a traitor, because she would have played for us," said Taryn with a smile.

"But they all think it's pretty cool. They want to see me fight her in the game. They say, 'You're gonna take her down in the game, aren't you?' "

Don't look for that kind of battle between the sisters, although the game could be intense. The county title, ora share of it, could be on the line. Both teams are undefeated in the county going into tomorrow's games.

No matter how the game turnsout, there surely will be a celebration at the Szerensits home.

"We're in an ideal situation," said Tom Szerensits. "We can't lose on Wednesday night. We'll probably be the only ones there who will be cheering for both teams."

"I just don't know where we're going to sit," said Judy Szerensits with a laugh.

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