17-boat Regatta Features Close Finishes, A Double Win


Sanpere Triumphs In Magothy-st. Claire Race

October 13, 1991|By Nancy Noyes

While the huge fleets of the Annapolis Yacht Club's Fall Series werebattling it out on race courses south of the Bay Bridge last weekend, a smaller but no less serious fleet took part in races north of thebridge for the Region 2 Fall Series.

The Magothy River Sailing Association and Cape St. Claire Yacht Club served as hosts.

For many of the sailors in the three-class, 17-boat fleet Saturday, extremely close racing and numerous position changes marked the competition around government marks.

Sunday's racing, for a slightlysmaller fleet of 14 starters, often became more spread out as the morning's heavy air eased during the day.

Only one sailor, PHRF Non-spinnaker winner Tony Sanpere of Annapolis, was able to take first inclass both days, although several others claimed one of the three top slots in each race.

Sanpere sailed his Hunter Legend 35 Cayenne with a crew of three, including his 13-year-old daughter, Catherine, and friend, Colleen Mutge, Saturday. He topped his class by a margin of 19 seconds over George Fox on Au Revoir and a total of 32 seconds over third-placer John Clark on Elusive, making this one of the tightest classes of the day.

He won Sunday's event with a completely different crew, boosted to four, including two members who had never sailed the boat before. He won by another close margin, this time 10 seconds over Clark. Both days he came from behind to take the win.

Sanpere described the Saturday contest as a triangle with two additional legs to the finish and explained that he was running third or fourth on corrected time as he finished the triangle portion before working up to the top on the last two legs.

"The wind picked up a lot, up to almost 20," he said. "My boat can handle that better than some of the others, so we were able to pull up in front. We were lucky."

In heavy air, ranging from 22 to 28 knots at the start of Sunday's race, Sanpere said he made a mistake and ended up high of the first mark, rounding it second to last.

"Then I shifted to my big jenny for the downwind leg and went out into the deep water, because there was a favorable current," he said. "We passed one boat, and then it was a beat back up to Baltimore Light, and I went inshore in the slack current.

"The wind was down to about 14, but the other boats stillwere using their jibs, and I had the genoa, which allowed me to passthe boats ahead that I owed time to. I found a header near the shorewhich was a lift on the other tack, so I could lay the finish line whilethe others were still beating."

Region 2 Fall Series

Saturday, Oct. 5

PHRF A (4 starters): 1) Snallygaster, Charles Stein, Baltimore, 1:40:37 c.t.; 2) Coyote, Gene Barnhart, Annapolis, 1:41:46 c.t.; 3) Pegasus, Tom Curtis, Arnold, 1:41:59 c.t.

PHRF C (6 starters): 1) Sure Cure, Craig Decker, Pasadena, 1:27:10 c.t.; 2) L*A*S*S, Andrew Davis, Annapolis, 1:30:10 c.t.; 3) Rebecca, Bill Paul, Pasadena, 1:30:37 c.t.

PHRF Non-spinnaker (7 starters, protests pending):1) Cayenne, Tony Sanpere, Annapolis, 1:39:43 c.t.; 2) Au Revoir, George Fox, Coopersburg, Pa., 1:40:02 c.t.; 3) Elusive, John Clark, Severna Park, 1:40:15 c.t.

Sunday, Oct. 6

PHRF A (4 starters): 1) Moonlighting, Thomas French, Annapolis, 1:30:15 c.t.; 2) Snallygaster,C. Stein, 1:39:10 c.t.; 3) Coyote, G. Barnhart, 1:44:45 c.t.

PHRFC (4 starters): 1) L*A*S*S, A. Davis, 1:37:34 c.t.; 2) Sure Cure, C.Decker, 1:38:31 c.t.; 3) Rebecca, B. Paul, 1:40:14 c.t.

PHRF Non-spinnaker (5 starters): 1) Cayenne, A. Sanpere, 1:43:53 c.t.; 2) Elusive, J. Clark, 1:44:03 c.t.; 3) Albar II, Allen Keiser, Baltimore, 1:46:41 c.t.


The Annapolis Harbor E-Scow Fleet is still a fledgling organization in many respects, but its second annual Fall Sprints regatta was an impressive and exciting event last weekend.

With race management assistance from Eastport Yacht Club, the event drew 25 teams from as far away as Wisconsin, Indiana, New York, New Jersey and South Carolina.

Popular on inland lakes, and with strong fleets in coastal areas such as Barnegat Bay, the 28-foot, 960-pound E-Scows are racing machines, which offer a thrilling ride and spectacular competition. They are capable of sailing faster than the wind and canreach speeds of 20 knots or more.

The weekend's solid breezes andrelatively flat water proved ideal for the boats, which were raced in three five-legged windward-leeward battles on Round Bay on Saturdayand two more in the mouth of Annapolis harbor on Sunday.

Winner overall, with five straight bullets, was New Jersey sailor and longtime E-Scow champ Dave Magno, with other top honors going to visiting sailors from New Jersey and New York.

Among the four Annapolis Harbor teams competing in the regatta, the top finisher was Dave Delancey,with crew including Mike Zinker, Victor Solomon and Bill Hammond, in11th overall with finishes of 16-13-13-10-7.

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