Gingko Leaves$Little Black Sambo(a tale now out of...

October 12, 1991|By Joyce S. Brown

Gingko Leaves


Little Black Sambo

(a tale now out of favor)

watched two raging tigers

turn from beast to butter

chasing one another

'round a tree.

No tiger show,

but underneath our tree,

gingko leaves, a perfect loop

as yellow as the ghee

that Sambo scooped

and took home to his mother.

To an Old Skiff at Bay


Like an ancient gull,

you ride

the inlet waters,

adjusting only slightly

to the change in the tide.

Seasons blaze and die

on your impervious hull.

Does age or habit

hold you there,

Or some old despair

made softer

by a stabler place?

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