Thomas vote

It's your call

October 11, 1991

...TC SUNDIAL's callers are divided almost equally on the question of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Of 481 callers, 246 (51 percent) say the Senate should have voted on confirmation last Tuesday, while 235 callers (nearly 49 percent) say the Senate acted properly in delaying the vote.

Sexual harassment

Allegations of sexual harassment have been brought against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, and the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings to consider those charges.

The Evening Sun wants to know what you think about the issue and whether you've been involved in cases of sexual harassment -- and whether you feel the allegations against Clarence Thomas, as heard before the Senate panel, are substantive enough to jeopardize his nomination. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Call SUNDIAL, the Baltimore Sun's telephone information system, on a Touch-Tone phone. The call is local, and answers will be registered between 10 a.m. today and midnight Sunday. The SUNDIAL phone number is 783-1800 or, in Anne Arundel County, 268-7736. When you reach SUNDIAL, enter category 4600 and wait for instructions.

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