2 women win $5.8 million in Lotto Pair plan to keep jobs with Army

October 11, 1991|By Brian Sullam

When Sharon A. Taylor and her good friend and co-worker, Frances K. Rogers, discovered they had won the $5.8 million Lotto Wednesday night, they didn't rush out and splurge on an expensive bottle of champagne.

Instead they celebrated with a cup of coffee in Ms. Taylor's kitchen at her Severna Park home.

"That is what working in the military does to you," said Ms. Taylor.

They went to work yesterday morning at the 1st Recruiting Brigade at Fort Meade and are going to keep their jobs "for a time." The two women, who together have been buying about $56 in lottery tickets weekly for almost four years, said that the big winnings probably will not have much impact on their lives.

Taking the afternoon off to claim their winnings was about their only indulgence since they discovered they had won Wednesday's Lotto with 10-13-14-24-26-27, numbers they have been playing for the past 1 1/2 months.

"We got those numbers about a month and a half ago, and there were several good numbers that hit," said Sergeant Rogers, 38, who lives in Brooklyn Park. "We just kept playing them."

The week got off to an auspicious start when Ms. Taylor and Sergeant Rogers hit the Pick-3 daily lottery for about $80. They purchased their winning tickets at Goldberg's Liquor in the 5100 block of Ritchie Highway.

"We always go together to buy our tickets, and we always buy them at the same place. We even bought our tickets from the same outlet when we were in Connecticut," said Sergeant Rogers.

The two women met in Connecticut more than four years ago when they both were working in recruiting for the Army.

Sergeant Rogers, who grew up in South Baltimore, joined the Army out of high school. Ms. Taylor had been on active duty with the Navy for 12 years and became a civilian employee of the Army after her discharge. She grew up in the state of Washington.

Both women are devoted lottery players but weren't paying much attention to the Lotto drawing Wednesday night.

"Frances was over at my house for dinner. She jotted down the numbers while she was doing the dishes, but we didn't get around to checking our numbers until 9:30, and then we discovered we won," said Ms. Taylor, 41, a former Naval hospital corpsman who was called to active duty during Operation Desert Storm and served several months in a shore hospital at Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The two said winning the multimillion prize hasn't really sunk in, but they both insisted that their lives are going to remain pretty much the same -- even though they each are going to be receiving $147,109.64 a year -- half the total annuity for the prize -- for the next 20 years.

Sergeant Rogers, who bought a new car six months ago but has come to dislike it, said she will probably trade it in and get a new one.

Ms. Taylor is happy with her current transportation. "I am kind of attached to my Nissan truck. I might get a new paint job," said Ms. Taylor, who moved to Maryland this summer.

She said that she would probably use some of her earnings to pay off the remaining mortgage on her mother's house in Wenatchee, Wash., and possibly use some of it to return to school "someday."

"Medicine was my first love, and I would like to return to that," she said.

With all this money, are either of them contemplating any fantasy purchases?

"No, I am cheap," said Ms. Taylor, "I am still going to shop at Caldor's and Kmart."

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