Barney to leave Sinai Saturday

October 10, 1991|By Ken Rosenthal

Orioles public address announcer Rex Barney said yesterday he will be released from Sinai Hospital on Saturday in time to host his radio talk show on WBAL that night.

Barney, 66, has been hospitalized since last Friday after suffering a dizzy spell upon leaving Memorial Stadium. He continues to undergo a series of tests, but said he is doing fine.

"It was complete exhaustion, dehydration," Barney said. "I was pushing myself that last week. I just did a little more than I should have. I completely exhausted myself."

Barney, the voice of Memorial Stadium for 22 years, missed the final two games, but delivered his trademark "Thank you" through a video message taped at the hospital.

The Orioles' original plan was for Barney to walk out to the field in a tuxedo and utter his famous words as the exclamation point to Sunday's emotional post-game ceremony.

It would have been the perfect ending, but the way things turned out, Barney feared he might have been too choked up by the moment.

"In a way I was kind of glad they taped it," he said. "I don't know if I could have gotten it out after watching all that. I sat here for four or five hours and cried."

Barney said he continues to receive get-well wishes from his fans, and wanted to publicly acknowledge all of their letters and flowers.

"I'll never be able to say a big enough, 'Thank you,' " he said.

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