Improved Lanes Is Perfect Touch For Bowlers


Two 300 Games Marked At Odenton

October 10, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

The new system at Bowl America Odenton is doing great. The lanes arebeing stripped every day, so there's little oil carry-down and most bowlers are happy with the results.

In fact, Bill Bussey, Cliff Conway and Mike Dixon are very pleased with the results.

Bussey and Conway have shot 300s, and Dixon missed by a single pin.

"I played softball, baseball and basketball," said Bussey, "andI didn't start bowling until about six years ago."

Bussey is a quick learner whose average is 190. He has a high series of 778. The 300 is his first.

Bussey lives in Severn with his wife, Barbara, whocarries a 170-plus average.

He bowls in two leagues, the Monday Mixed and the Wednesday Pioneers at Bowl America. It was in the Pioneers on the first night of the winter league that he threw a 211, a 267and then the 300 game for the 778 series.

Bussey threw that game with a 16-pound Blue Pearl because his Red Hammer "didn't feel comfortable to me that night."


It looks like it's going to be a great season for both tenpin and duckpin bowlers in the county this year.

The season has just started and some nice games have been reported at Fair Lanes Southwest, Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie and Severna Park Lanes.

At Southwest, John Ludwig had a 236, Dave Scalio had a 182, Kathy Livingston had two 171 games and Lola Taylor had a 161.

"I had just gotten over a bad game," said Ludwig. "And I was determined to get my mind back on the game, to relax."

Ludwig, who works atRoyal Quality Foods and lives in Arbutus with his wife, Molly, bowlsin the Saturday Night League at Southwest.

"I've been bowling forabout 10 years," he said, "And always at Southwest. I like the folksthere."

He carries a 120 average and had a high game of 200 and ahigh series of 454 before that Sept. 19 night.

His first game wasa 130. The second game was that bad one, 107. Then he started the third game; first frame, strike; second frame, spare; third, fourth andfifth frames, strikes; sixth frame, broke nine and converted; seventh frame, broke nine, blew the spare; eighth, ninth and 10th frames, strike; another in the 11th and a final nine on the last ball.

That's eight strikes and a 236 game. And with a little bit of a break it could have been even bigger.

Livingston has a 119 average and a high series of 434. She and her husband, Kevin, who prefers tenpins andworks as a correctional office, live in Severn.

Kathy has been bowling for 27 years and has been using a pair of rubber duckpin balls for that same length of time.

"I feel comfortable with those rubber bowling balls," she said.

Livingston, who operates Kathy's Beauty Salon in Severn, bowls in two leagues at Fair Lanes Southwest, the Monday Ladies Morning and the Tuesday Ladies Scratch.

It was on a Monday morning, Sept. 23, that she threw a 171 in the first game of her set. She came back with a 116, and on the final game, she duplicated the first, another 171 for a great 458 series.


It's unofficial but it looks like Howard and Buster Dodson won the Bob Davidson Memorial Handicap Doubles at Severna Park Lanes the last weekend in September. Their 1044 score was 43 pins higher than the runner-up teamof Pat Malthan and Butch Minnick.

That was the big guys. The little guys are going good, too.

In the Pee Wee Duckpin League, Katie Kobin had a 61 game, and Jason Myers had a 71.

Joey Sachs, Benjamin Hancock, Melissa Grabarski and Joshua Bing all made spares in the Saturday morning league.

Boys high games were -- Preps: Michael Davidson, 93; Bantams: John Blume, 119; Junior Majors: Sam Saxon, 132.

Boys high sets were -- Preps: Davidson, 262; Bantams: Blume, 322; Junior Majors: Kevin Butschky, 347.

In the Pee Wee Duckpin League, Jason Myers broke the Pee Wee house record with a 92 game. Jason, 5, is taking after his older brother, John, who had held the house record for set and game in the Prep Division and his sister, Jeni, who hadthe girls high game of 113 in the Prep Division last week.

StevenCahn had a fantastic 75 game, 25 pins higher than his first week of bowling.

David Putman was last week's Pee Wee Bowler of the Week and received a plaque for his 76 game.

Michael Cline was the BantamBowler of the Week for his 100 game and received a plaque. Tiffany Fontz had an 85 game.

Nicholas Klapaska had a 63 game, and Steven Schmidt had an amazing 37 pins over his average with a 105 game. In the Junior Major Division of the duckpin league, Sam Saxon Jr. had games of 110, 145 and 103 for a 358 series. Kevin Butschky had a 128 gameand Brandie Falango had a 111 game.

In Junior tenpins, several bowlers had good outings: Amy Buser 154 game, 392 set; Amy Norfolk 128 game; Derrick Jackson 125 game; Kristy Wolski 189 set; Brian Williams100 game; Paul Hadaway 145 game; Christopher Bowles 92 game; Ryan Admiral 127; and Matthew Beall 132.

Openings are in the Junior/MajorDivision of the duckpin league that bowls on Saturday mornings at Severna Park Lanes. Call Candy Fontz at 760-2093. The bowlers must be between 13 and 21 years of age.

* Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie

Monday Morning Ladies

Joyce Scheibe 146/402

Carol Miller 165/409

Sharon Lear 144/386

Hit and Misses

Margie Zeffero 136/348

Mary Reinhardt 130/335

Barbara Thompson 126/344

Vers DeCoursey 118/330

Pin & Ball Wizards

Dudley Bradburn 161 game

Jim Ryan 158 game

Sharon Lear 157 game

Earle Tilghman 426 series

Sharon Lear 398 set

Char Bieman 389 set

Carr-Lowrey Mixed

John Clark 192/455

Harriet Aliano 129/364

Gary Shaw 138/394

Shirley Quaskey 149/355

Richard Harris 140/365

Janice Sparenberg 125/353

Monday Night

Earl Tilghman 139/396

Carol Kesher 136/389

Joe Trabert 137/388

Mike Harp 136/378

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