P.e. Coordinator's Spot Unfilled

October 10, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

Paul Rusko's personal services contract as county coordinator of physical education expired at noon yesterday, and it appears that his replacement will not be named any time soon.

The Board of Education and School Superintendent Larry L. Lorton had hoped to name Rusko's successor by Sept. 30, but that deadline has been extended.

"The hiring freeze will continue, so that means no vacant positions are going to be filled in the immediate future," said Kenneth Nichols, administrative assistant to the superintendent.

"Until the state budget problems are worked out, we won't be filling any vacancies, such as coordinators. In fact, we will be recommending cuts today or tomorrow."

The county physical education department now is without either of the curriculum coordinators it had for more than two decades until Rusko's and Jean Boyd's retirements.

Boyd, who concentrated on girls sports while Rusko handled boys events, retired last year. To save a salary while finding ways to cut the budget, the countydid not fill Boyd's position.

Since the start of the school year,Rusko has served as the acting coordinator, handling the entire department.

The position paid $67,346 a year.

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