Hill denounces phone-call log as fabrication

October 10, 1991|By Newsday

Clarence Thomas and Anita F. Hill -- whose recollections of their on-the-job relationship 10 years ago differ sharply -- do not even agree on a few telephone messages she allegedly left him over the past six years.

On Tuesday, supporters of the Supreme Court nominee released logs of 10 phone messages Ms. Hill allegedly left with Judge Thomas' office at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Ms. Hill's messages included such greetings as "just called to say hello" and "wanted to congratulate you on marriage."

Photographed copies of the handwritten messages were distributed by White House aides to the news media and to senators in an attempt to show the friendly nature of Ms. Hill and Judge Thomas' relationship.

But Ms. Hill, sticking by her allegations that Judge Thomas sexually harassed her, denied making many of the calls and suggested they may be fabrications.

"If there are messages to him from me, these are attempts to return phone calls . . . ," she told the Washington Post. "I never called him to say hello. I found out about his marriage through a third party. I never called him to congratulate him. I would not have thought . . . [Thomas supporters] would stoop this low."

The logs were kept by Judge Thomas' secretary at the EEOC, Diane Holt.

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