MPTV offers another look at Monet

October 10, 1991

Maryland Public Television is contributing to Baltimore's Monetmania by re-running the documentary "Monet: Legacy of Light" Sunday night at 10 o'clock.

This well-photographed half hour does not place its subject in the art historical continuum, but does place his paintings in their geographical context.

You see the seashores of Normandy then the paintings he made of those rocks and frothy oceans. You see the stunning valleys of central France, the haystacks in their fields and, finally, the gardens of Monet's home at Giverny, each vision giving you a better appreciation of the artist's work.

As it relates a straightforward biography -- Narrated by Kathryn Walker with Peter Ustinov reading passages from Monet's journals -- "Monet: Legacy of Light" provides an understanding of the way in which this painter tried to put the colors and shapes he perceived in nature onto a canvas in a way that had never

been done before.

Its most moving moment comes from Monet's journals. Ustinov's voice tells us that as his first wife lay dying, even as his heart cried with anguish, Monet found the painter side of him appreciating the subtle change in color that death was bringing to the face he knew so well. Truly, this was a man whose eyes saw the world in a different way.

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