Rebels Owed Apology

Readers write

October 09, 1991

From: Nancy Burg

Glen Burnie

On Sunday, Sept. 29, 1991, a cheerleading competition was held atLake Waterford Park in Pasadena. The event was hosted by the Pasadena Chargers Youth Sports Organization.

After the cheerleading squads performed their routines, it was brought to the judges attention that the Anne Arundel County Gridiron Rebels had "cheated" during the competition, that is, one girl had participated in two routines (both 115 lb. and 135 lb.). Based upon this comment, the judges decided to disqualify these two squads of Rebels cheerleaders from the competition.

The Rebels requested to perform both routines again in front of the judges to disprove this claim. They were granted the viewing. The judges agreed that while the two girls did look alike, there were two different girls in the routines.

After the awards were distributed (Rebels 115 lb. and 135 lb. did not place), the Rebels organization was advised that there was enough similarity between the two girls to raise suspicion and the two squads in question would not be judged against the other participants!

After hearing the above recount, I, as a parent of a Rebel cheerleader (my child is not on either squad involved), was certain there must be some error in the facts relayed. This couldn't really have happened to 40 children who had practiced an average of 40 hours in anticipation of this event.

However,after speaking with Lisa Digiacinto of the Anne Arundel County Parksand Recreation Department, I was sure that this isexactly what happened. She advised me of the same facts and directed me to the PasadenaChargers if I had any complaints as this was not a county-held competition (even though county employees were present and consulted regarding this decision).

Whether the Rebels 115 lb. and 135 lb. squadswould have placed in this competition should have been decided by the score sheets. I can't help but wonder if certain individuals responsible for this may have an "axe to grind" with the Rebels organization, or maybe the people involved with it.

We have several videotapes of this event that clearly demonstrate that a serious error was made. However, no one is interested in admitting this error or taking responsibility for it.

An apology is certainly due to the Rebels organization, particularly to the 40 girls who worked hard for a month, looked forward to this event with anticipation and gave it their all on Sunday, Sept. 29 -- only to be labeled as "cheaters" by their fellow cheerleading organizations.

The accusation is false and should be rescinded immediately. To have this swept under the carpet is a disgrace to the organizations participating in this event: Andover Apaches; Brooklyn Broncos; East Glen Burnie Warriors; Riviera Beach Bucs;and most of all, the host of this event, the Pasadena Chargers.

Ihave been involved with various sports organizations in Northern Anne Arundel County. Would this be tolerated in any other sporting event? If this had occurred in football, basketball, baseball, etc. would the Parks and Recreation personnel present at the event have spoken up for fair play and good sportsmanship? I am sure they would have.


From: Dennis Stevens

Airport Coordinating Team

The cartoon by Ron Snyder depicting a bulldog (Airport Coordinating Team-ACT) (or was it a pit bull?) pulling the pants off a figure symbolizing BWI Airport that appeared in the Sunday, Sept. 29th edition of The Anne Arundel County Sun, I know, caused quite a few chucklesamong your readership. I certainly had a good laugh.

In the seriousness of the issues between ACT and the Maryland Aviation Administration, operator of BWI, and the 10 families in litigation over BWI noise, this cartoon, celebrating a victory for ACT, was a welcome bit ofamusement. The victory was a decision by the state to drop an appealof a court decision favorable to ACT and communities around the airport.

The watch dog of a previous Snyder cartoon of 1990, shown penned up because of the national aviation noise policy that takes away local control of aircraft operations, was quite restrained and controlled, unlike the pesky bulldog of Sunday's character. He had escaped from the pen and was once again on the prowl to protect the neighborhood from the likes of an unwelcome intruder -- loud noise from aircraft.

Bien touche, Mr. Cartoonist!


From: PoppyRirky

Glen Burnie

I was recently informed of the pending disruption to our congressional district.

With all that is going on in the world, it is hard for the average individual to keep track of important issues surrounding us, but the thought of Anne Arundel County being divided into several congressional districts has caused me great distress.

It is my wish that the Annapolis delegation will understand the unusual problems that Anne Arundel County faces daily: industries in our north, farms in our south and waterways galore.

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