October 09, 1991|By George Neff Lucas

Recession? The jobless would shove it;

Recession? George Bush is above it;

The economy still

Keeps sliding downhill --

Recession? The Democrats love it.

The PLO, it would appear,

At last may sit down with Shamir;

But Yasser no doubt

Has squandered his clout

By backing the wrong horse's rear.

Trying time is at hand for Manuel

After nearly two years in a cell;

We helped him get rich

As OUR son of a bitch --

Does the name CIA ring a bell?

Of belief one requires a suspension

Beholding Gates' incomprehension;

He was number two man

During contra-Iran

But just wasn't paying attention.

Right here, in this op-ed location,

The Heritage (Coors Beer) Foundation

Urged tax-cutting now,

Forgetting that's how

Reagan started our debt triplication.

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