Dr. SeussEditor: The death of Dr. Seuss deprives the world...


October 08, 1991

Dr. Seuss

Editor: The death of Dr. Seuss deprives the world of a modern-day Lewis Carroll.

Both ostensibly wrote for children only, yet each garnered an avid adult audience.

Both captivating word-masters created distinctive vocabularies.

They differed in that illustrator Sir John Tenniel was Carroll's artistic alter ego while Seuss was his own ''Tenniel'' even though professionally he had no artistic talent.

! Jack Meckler. Randallstown.

State Cuts: 'Most Outrageously Stupid'

Editor: Governor William Donald Schaefer's decision to cut 83 state troopers and to reduce medevac helicopter service is nothing less than foolish.

Protection of life and property is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of government.

As our communities and roads are becoming less safe, we need more police protection, not less. As the frequency and severity of traffic accidents is increasing, we need better medevac service, not less.

The governor needs to look beyond economic analysis. Ask the families of anyone whose life was saved by the timely transport of patients by helicopter to a shock trauma center about the value of this precious service.

Of all the services provided by the state, the Maryland State Police is one of the best bargains. How many arrests for drug-related crimes have the state police made? Now the drug barons can ply their deadly trade with a greatly improved chance of success.

Considering the myriad problems caused by drugs and the success that the state police have had in interdicting the drug trade, can any reasonable person conclude that furloughing 83 state troopers is prudent government?

The governor's proposed action is one of the most outrageously stupid decisions to come out of Annapolis. If it is allowed to stand, it will affect all of us and for some the effect will last an eternity.

$ W. A. Heidecker. Severn.

Editor: If it's possible to impeach the president, is it possible to impeach the governor?

If so, I think we should try to impeach our current governor. In my opinion he has single-handedly brought economic ruin to Maryland.

If I remember correctly, we had a surplus in excess of $400 million and now we have a deficit of over $400 million.

Since he came into office, aid to local governments, health care, Medicaid, welfare, foster care and education has been cut. Except for his staff of over 100 people every agency is facing lay-offs. This includes the State Police. That will make criminals happy knowing they will have less of the State Police to contend with.

Medevac helicopter service is being cut. So, if you have an accident between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m., you can die with a smile knowing our great governor decided it's cheaper to let you die on the road than to provide you with emergency medical care.

Oops! I forgot. We had to have a new stadium for the Orioles with improved parking for the public that Memorial Stadium didn't offer.

We have to have a new stadium for a football team we don't have. Isn't this great?

Since one of the new stadiums is almost complete, just call it Memorial Stadium II in memory of the sick, the homeless, the hungry, the jobless and the uneducated who helped build this fine monument for the state.

P. Rutledge. Baltimore.

Editor: Come on, Maryland. We can't have it both ways. If we want social services, good education, health care and roads in good repair, we will have to pay for these privileges. Health-care costs are bankrupting people.

Our highways are becoming one big pothole.

The University of Maryland is proposing to hike tuition by 16 percent. Surely the majority of us could afford a small tax increase to assist those who cannot.

If we are going to survive this recession, we have got to be willing to make small sacrifices.

Katie Allen. Reisterstown.


Editor: Daniel Berger's column Sept. 28 states that Thir District Councilmen Mike Curran and Martin O'Malley are the brother and son-in-law, respectively, of Mickey Steinberg, Maryland's lieutenant governor.

This timely bit of information shocks me and will likely have the same effect in the households of Messrs. Curran, O'Malley, Steinberg, not to mention our esteemed attorney general, Joe Curran.

Hank Matter. Baltimore.

Great Invention

Editor: May I request that we all pay homage to the guy (o gal) who invented the mute button on our television remotes?

No longer can car and furniture salesmen shout at us.

Nor do we have to listen to the messages on the intimate periodic events of the female or worry about the invented problems advertised products promise to solve. Just hit the button

It may be the greatest invention since the wheel.

& Richard Forbecker. Queenstown.

Forgotten Sports

Editor: In all the bantering back and forth on the pros an cons of gun control, we've all forgotten how many advocates of )) gun ownership are in fact engaging in an activity not unlike golf. There are those of us who shoot only for the sport of shattering a clay target or hitting the bull's-eye at 100 yards.

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