Baby's disappearance sparks interstate search

October 08, 1991|By Roger Twigg

Sheryl C. Turner said she never gave it a second thought Friday when she asked a woman she has known for 21 years to drop off her 14-month-old daughter at a baby sitter.

But that was the last Ms. Turner has seen of her daughter, Jessica Alexandra Marie James, or the woman entrusted with taking her to the baby sitter, Christy Ann Pankey, 39, of the 6100 block of Foreland Garth, Columbia.

"I've called everyone that I could think of," Ms. Turner said. "No one has seen or heard from them."

Dennis S. Hill, a police spokesman, said Teletypes have been sent to Washington, D.C., and areas of New York and West Virginia where Ms. Pankey is known to have friends or relatives, but no one has reported seeing Ms. Pankey or the baby.

A check at Ms. Pankey's place in Columbia showed that she did not take any of her belongings, the police said. She was last seen driving her gray 1981 Toyota Corolla with Maryland license tags YXF 329.

Ms. Turner said that on Friday afternoon at about 3, Ms. Pankey agreed to drive her to her job at a city recreation and parks facility. She said she was running late and asked Ms. Pankey to take Jessica to a sitter in the 2100 block of Presstman Street.

Ms. Turner said she called the baby sitter a couple of times from the recreation facility. The baby sitter told her that Ms. Pankey and Jessica had not yet arrived. When Ms. Pankey failed to appear with the baby by 11 p.m., Ms. Turner notified the Police Department.

When last seen, the baby was dressed in stone washed jeans, a white T-shirt and white baby shoes.

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