Monk catching up in record book Wide receiver close to second on list

October 07, 1991|By Vito Stellino | Vito Stellino,Sun Staff Correspondent

CHICAGO -- With virtually each catch, Washington Redskins wide receiver Art Monk etches his name into the record book.

With six catches in the 20-7 victory over the Chicago Bears yesterday, he boosted his career total to 749.

He should pass Charlie Joiner, who's second with 750 passes on the all-time list, against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and figures to catch all-time leader Steve Largent, who has 819, by next year.

Monk, though, seems almost embarrassed by all the attention. He tries to put the records out of his mind.

"I don't like thinking about those things because it distracts me. I want to concentrate on my job," Monk said.

Monk said his second touchdown catch was the same play that resulted in an 8-yard touchdown reception by Gary Clark in last year's 10-9 victory over the Bears.

"Usually, I'm covered up in the corner and the ball is thrown to Gary coming underneath. But they allowed the safety to look for Gary, and that allowed me to slip back in the corner," said Monk, who was wide-open.

That was a big play in the fourth quarter because the Redskins didn't want to settle for a field goal and a 13-7 lead.

Center Jeff Bostic said, "We didn't want to be sitting around and watch them score a touchdown and beat us, 14-13."

Instead, Monk's catch made it 17-7 and the Redskins wrapped it up with a field goal by Chip Lohmiller.

* Defensive end Fred Stokes, who became a full-time player when Markus Koch tore a knee ligament in the first quarter, got the first interception of his career to set up Monk's touchdown catch. The ball had been tipped by Eric Williams.

"When I saw the ball, I just did what comes natural and went after it," Stokes said. "Basically, when I got the ball, I wasn't looking to make anything happen except get to the ground and turn it over to the offense and let them do it."

Stokes, who has been bothered by a shoulder injury in the past, said he didn't have any trouble with the full-time duty, although the Redskins played a three-man line on occasion.

* Williams, who tipped two passes, said on the first read he read quarterback Jim Harbaugh's eyes.

On the second one that Stokes intercepted, he said the Bears tried to cut him.

"When the offensive linemen are trying to get you down low, you know it's going to be a short, quick pass so I jumped up," he said.

Williams said it helps to be a veteran to diagnose plays. "I can do so many more things with half the effort. In my rookie year, I used to be out of breath just thinking. Now it comes kind of easy," he said.

* Koch will undergo a Magnetic Resonance Imaging today to determine the seriousness of his knee injury, but the Redskins have already declared him out for six weeks.

They're also likely to sign another defensive end because Stokes and Charles Mann are now the only two ends on the roster.

Even if Koch recovers before the end of the regular season, the Redskins might not have a roster move to bring him back from injured reserve before the playoffs.

* Kurt Gouveia, who intercepted a fourth-period pass to set up Lohmiller's last field goal, said: "I'm just excited by it. It doesn't come often, and when it comes, you've got to make it happen. I saw the thing developing and the wind got ahold of the ball and let it float up in the air."

Gouveia was disappointed he was tackled after a 22-yard run to the Chicago 9 and failed to score. He said he'll be needled about that at the film session Wednesday.

Gouveia's blitz also foiled a Chicago bid on fourth down late in the second quarter.

"It was one of our blitz guys and nobody picked me up," he said.

* The Bears were frustrated by their poor play.

Harbaugh said: "We've got to get better. We're struggling right now. I think we have to take a hard look at our offense right now."

Middle linebacker Mike Singletary said: "We can't keep killing ourselves. We have to have more discipline and a little more pride in what we're doing."

Offensive lineman Mark Bortz said, "Everybody has confidence in Harbaugh, but he needs more time to throw the ball, and when we do that and get our running game going, we'll be a tough team to beat."

* If the Redskins beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, they'd take a 7-0 record into their bye week before they meet the New York Giants.

Coach Joe Gibbs has promised the Redskins a week off without practicing during the bye week if they go 7-0.

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