Fear, outrage over state budget cutsThere is something...

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October 07, 1991

Fear, outrage over state budget cuts

There is something wrong with our state government. We are building a multimillion-dollar stadium, and our governor suggests cutting essential services -- services that we, as taxpayers, have paid for. Moreover, we are trying to attract a football team, which will mean building another stadium, and some funds have already been set aside for this project. These funds should be spent on essential services. Someone was very shortsighted when the stadium was planned.

The governor wants Maryland to be the best. Perhaps we can't afford to be best. Maybe we should try, instead, to be the best we can be, without gouging the people by forcing them to pay for unnecessary and expensive projects.

athryn Newkirk


The very idea of cutting public safety funding (Maryland State Police) is preposterous.

The governor should look at the insurance commissioner's office for severe budget cuts. Its track record favors the insurance companies, not the people of Maryland. That office should spend more time representing the insured of Maryland, rather than the insurance companies they are supposed to regulate.

Another office whose funding should be cut is the Department of the Environment, which cannot even seem to get involved in the "Clean Air Act" enough to see that the stump dump in Baltimore County complies with both state and federal laws, and that the fire is put out after eight months of constant air pollution.

Charles S. Bernstein


I am thoroughly distraught over the cutbacks that Governor Schaefer has ordered. Laying off state troopers is most alarming. There is too much crime in this state, and we cannot afford to lose any of these officers.

It is disgusting the way hard-working taxpayers' money is wasted. Police and state troopers should receive a raise for what they do, not get laid off. We need each and every one of these men and women to fight the never-ending crimes that are committed every day. And we need them most of all to protect the citizens of this state.

If you want to cut back, Governor Schaefer, why not start with all of the dead wood that's collecting paycheck after paycheck for doing nothing. No, you'll just put the state in a position where it will have to raise taxes, and you'll get your way as you always do.

Joanne May


Now that the "bombshell" has been dropped (layoffs in the state police, barracks closed, cuts in school aid, aid to the poor, Medi-Vac cuts, etc.), has anyone noticed something strange? There was no mention of salary cuts for the governor, lieutenant governor and the legislators in Annapolis.

Bob Crooks


In light of the state's budget situation, and all of the cuts and layoffs which will occur, we should have called the new stadium "Debtor Park."

`Kenneth W. DeVaughn

Middle River

Voice of the people

The wishes of the people of the Essex-Middle River area have not been heeded by politicians in both the county and congressional redistricting controversies. The concept of rights of individuals in a government based on the consent of the governed is essential to all Americans. As lucky as we are to

have this legacy, we must continue to strive and pursue our rights as citizens of this area.

Michael J. Davis


Giving to the EAM

In response to Robin Miller's Other Voices piece on Sept. 24, the Epilepsy Association of Maryland would like to alert the community that we do not solicit donations in front of any grocery stores, drug stores or shopping centers. We cannot insure that money deposited in canisters will be turned over to the Epilepsy Association of Maryland, an incorporated non-profit agency that provides information and referral, counseling, housing and employment assistance, education and advocacy services to the over 40,000 Marylanders with epilepsy.

EAM does accept direct donations. Anyone interested in donating should call the Epilepsy Association of Maryland at 828-7700.

Susan A. Seim

The writer is director of communications for the Epilepsy Association of Maryland Inc.

Most qualified

After reading about the evasiveness of Thomas and Gates, and their admitting such little knowledge and understanding of the job, I should be a shoo-in for the next governor of Maryland. My knowledge of running the state is just about zero.

On second thought, maybe the voters aren't as dull as the senators. Could it be that the average citizen is more discriminating?

Charles Johnston


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